Our Philosphy

Providing pathways for learning through play

Aussie Kidz Childcare and Education Service aims to provide pathways for learning through play. We provide stimulating, fun, and exciting environment for children to explore freely. We believe children learn better when they experience a sense of love, warmth and security. Relationship of trust encourages children to be curious, competent, independent learners and work alongside others. These social interactions and relationships boost social confidence in children and impact their future positively.

Aussie Kidz believes in having high expectations for all children and aims at their holistic development. Aussie Kidz follows the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ (Belonging, Being and Becoming) and ‘My Time, Our Place’ School age frameworks to provide equal opportunities to all children.

We believe in an open door policy and working in partnerships with parents and communities to help children to learn and develop naturally. It also promotes a sense of belonging for the child and family. Aussie Kidz services respects the culture, rituals, child rearing practices, languages and routines of the families.

We believe in working closely with our educators with ongoing support by providing training; sharing ideas; and maintaining positive relationships.

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